1" Wide Lanyards - With Custom Big Logo
Promote Your Company with Big & Sharp Logo
Specially designed for
Easy To See - From Far Away
The Best Mobile Advertisement for Trade Show

How do you catch  your  customers' attention from far away !  How do you  impress your customers at the first sight of your company's name ?  Our 1" wide lanyard with your company's big logo is a good choice for you ! Our sharp and long-lasting logo is imprinted by silk screen technology with a variety of color webbing choices.

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Lanyards Main-2: Custom Big Logo Lanyard to Promote Your Company with Sharp Logo

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We carry a complete line of lanyard supplies and accessories  including snap hook, hook, snap, key ring, clip, badge holder, webbing, cord, cord coupler, detachable buckle and cord lock for lanyard manufacturer. An one stop shopping of all the lanyard parts needed for your safety lanyard manufacturing.

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