5/8", 3/4" and 1" Genuine VELCROŽ brand Touch Fasteners Safety Breakaway Neck Lanyards
With very comfortable to wear heavy duty polyester of webbing, safety breakaway custom lanyards can have one safety breakaway in the back of your neck. Good for school, hospital, factory, or any place with safety required. Any lanyard with custom colors, sizes or hardware attachments welcome !
Holders, Reels, Clips, Safety, Making

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Safety Breakaway Models
Heavy Duty Safety Lanyards: LY-403HD Multiple Safety Break Away Neck Lanyards
Safety Breakaway Models

Custom Imprinted, Custom-Order-No-Imprint

Free Artworks, Full Custom Imprinting Colors Available

Lanyards, Holders, Reels, Clips, Safety, Making

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Velcro Safety Breakaway Neck Lanyards